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G&G CM16 SRS Battleship Grey

Introducing the G&G CM16 SRS Battleship Grey airsoft replica assault rifle, the perfect addition to your arsenal. With a length of 750mm and a weight of 2255g, this airsoft rifle is both powerful and durable. It features safe, semi, and full fire modes, allowing for versatile use in any airsoft battle.


The 205mm barrel length and 6.08mm barrel bore provide accuracy and range, while the keymod rails offer plenty of space for attaching accessories. Crafted with high-quality polymer, this rifle is built to withstand intense gameplay and provide a realistic shooting experience.


Don't miss out on the opportunity to enhance your airsoft game with the G&G CM16 SRS Battleship Grey.

G&G CM16 SRS Battleship Grey

£324.99 Regular Price
£239.99Sale Price
  • Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006

    By adding this product to your basket, you are confirming that you will be using this product for airsoft purposes only, and you must also provide proof of Airsoft Defence such as British Airsoft Club (BAC) or a UKARA membership when ordering.  Please complete the form which can be located on the HOME SCREEN HERE

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