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Xcortech X3300W MK2 - Black

The Xcortech X3300W MK2 - Black, this product is a very unique item, its a chronograph from Xcortech that is able to combine a Mock Suppressor / BB Illuminating Tracer unit with a built in computer controlled sensor to measure muzzle velocity and rate of fire.


The sensor also includes other modes of use such as a BB counter, to count up or down for a quick heads up display of estimated remaining ammo in your magazine, and a low ammo warning. To top it off a built-in battery reader displays your AEG battery level in real time as well as gives a low charge warning to let you know it is time to change your battery.

All of the information coming from the Tracer/Chrono unit is transmitted to the BB Control System (modeled after a PEQ Box) wirelessly. The BB Control System is where the unit can be programmed as well as output the information to a digital display.

Also included is the programmable SCU unit which easily plugs in-line with your battery to enable the burst setting from 2-10 rounds / full auto. This unit is also what transmits your current battery level to the PEQ Box display as well as protect your gun/battery from voltage drops.

Xcortech X3300W MK2 - Black

    • Standard Airsoft 14mm(-) negative threaded tracer made from high quality aluminum.
    • High efficiency circuit with digital display with brightness controls. Devices communicate via wireless signal.
    • Power saving / standby / and auto power off modes available
    • Measures muzzle velocity (FPS/MPS) and measures ROF (RPM)
    • Programmable BB counter to count down or count up
    • Low ammo warning + low battery warning + battery indicator for real time monitoring of battery level
    • Programmable burst unit (2-10 burst / full auto) / SCU 8 channel memory
    • Mounts onto standard 20mm / Picatinny / Weaver rails

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