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Xcortech X310 Pocket Chronograph

Introducing the Xcortech X310 Pocket Chronograph, a compact chronograph designed to fit seamlessly into your gear setup. With dimensions akin to a GoPro camera, it's easily portable and won't take up much space in your kit bag.


This user-friendly tool accommodates various ammo weights and calibres, which can be conveniently pre-set into its memory. Power options include either a single AA battery or a micro USB cable.


This essential device accurately measures your RIF (Realistic Imitation Firearm) rate of fire and muzzle velocity in feet per second, providing crucial data when modifying your RIF to ensure compliance with skirmish site regulations.


ROF: Rate Of Fire
RPM: Rounds Per Minute
RPS: Rounds Per Second
Speed: Initial Velocity
m/s: Meters Per Second
ft/s: Feet Per Second
Shot memory: Stores up to 25 shots in memory for easy reference.

Velocity range: 3 - 980 fps
ROF range: 75-6000 RPM
Tripod mounting socket (compatible with camera tripods)
High-density IR sensor for precise measurements
Battery: 1 x AA battery
External Power input: micro USB (5V/0.5A) (No battery charge function, for powering Chrono only)

Xcortech X310 Pocket Chronograph

  • Approx Measurements

    Dimensions: 72mm x 47mm x 51mm
    Weight: 60g


    When using gas or CO2-powered guns, it's advised to maintain a distance of more than 10cm from the chrono to prevent smoke interference due to vapor production.

    - The chronograph must be level during use for accurate readings.
    - BBs must be fired centrally through the hole to register properly.
    - Accuracy of readings may decrease as battery power diminishes.

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