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VX Buckle Up Carrier Gen2

Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up Carrier Gen2 Plate Carrier Airsoft Milsim is a versatile modular vest ideally suited for Airsoft, MilSim, and paintball enthusiasts. Crafted with a keen understanding of the unique requirements of these recreational activities, this vest offers a plethora of features tailored to enhance your experience.


Airsoft, MilSim, and Paintball Performance:

For those engaged in Airsoft, MilSim, and paintball, the Viper VX Buckle Up Carrier Gen2 becomes an indispensable companion. Its modular design is perfectly attuned to accommodate the specific accessories commonly used in these activities. Whether you need to carry extra magazines, pouches, or gear, this vest is up to the task.


Quick Release and Customisation:

The vest's quick-release buckles are invaluable during fast-paced games. They allow you to swiftly adjust or remove the vest as needed. Moreover, the multiple hook-and-loop panels provide ample space for personalization and attachment of essential items like patches, making it easy to identify friend from foe in the heat of action.



Comfort for Extended Battles:

Long hours on the field require a vest that offers both comfort and functionality. The Viper VX Buckle Up Carrier Gen2 doesn't disappoint. Its fully adjustable design ensures a snug fit, and the mesh-vented sides keep you cool during those intense battles. The removable shoulder pads are not only comfortable but also offer bladder and comms retention capabilities.


Interior Features and Organisation:

The carrier is designed with the practical needs of Airsoft, MilSim, and paintball players in mind. Padded front and back panels extend your comfort during extended games. The zipped admin pouch on the front offers convenient organization, and the hook-and-loop ID panel helps distinguish your team members.


Tailoring Your Setup:

Customisation is a vital aspect of these recreational activities, and the Viper VX Buckle Up Carrier Gen2 makes it easy. It includes a removable laser-cut MOLLE panel that allows you to adapt your vest to your specific needs, whether that's extra ammunition, utility pouches, or other gear.


Hydration and Gear Management:

On the back, you'll find a MOLLE panel ready for attaching MOLLE-compatible hydration packs or the Viper VX Charger Pack, ensuring you stay hydrated and equipped throughout the game.


Enhanced Protection:

For those seeking additional protection or looking to simulate real-world scenarios in MilSim, the carrier comes with two removable EVA dummy plates, offering that extra layer of security without adding unnecessary weight.


The Viper VX Buckle Up Carrier Gen2 is tailor-made for Airsoft, MilSim, and paintball enthusiasts. Its adaptability, quick-release features, and thoughtful design come together to enhance your experience in these exciting recreational activities. Whether you're simulating military operations or competing in friendly paintball matches, this vest effortlessly adapts to your needs, ensuring you remain comfortable and well-prepared for the challenges of the game.

Viper Tactical VX Buckle Up Carrier Gen2 Plate Carrier