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Viper Tactical Basha - V-CAM Airsoft MilSim

The Viper Tactical Basha - VCAM Airsoft MilSim is a highly versatile piece of outdoor equipment designed to function as a shelter, sleeping bag cover, or emergency carrying sheet. Measuring 270cm x 175cm in size, this sheet is made from fully waterproof double PU coated nylon material.


The Viper Basha features nine reinforced loops around the edge, along with metal eyelets at the corners and middle, making it easy to set up and adjust to suit your needs. Includes metal poppers to join multiple bashas together allowing to build dining shelters, awning etc.


Whether you need a basic shelter for camping or hiking, or an emergency carrying sheet to protect yourself and your gear from the elements, the Viper Basha is an ideal choice. It’s tough, durable construction and versatile design make it a must-have for any outdoor enthusiast.

Viper Tactical Basha - VCAM Airsoft MilSim

    • 9 reinforced loops around the edge
    • Metal eyelets at corners and middle
    • Fully waterproof tough double PU coated Nylon
    • Metal Poppers along both long edges

    Material: PU Coated Nylon

    Size: 270 cm x 175 cm

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