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Tectonic Innovations QUAKE 8 way Impact Grenade (QU8KE) Airsoft From:


Tectonic Innovations QUAKE 8 way Impact Grenade (QU8KE) Airsoft From: the QU8KE is armed and ready for action.


Introducing the Tectonic Innovations QUAKE 8 way Impact Grenade (QU8KE) Airsoft,  your ultimate tool for tactical dominance.


Prepared for action, the QU8KE stands as a compact and robust grenade, designed to deliver a powerful, attention-grabbing explosion. Its capability to distract opponents in any tactical scenario.


The QU8KE's 8-way impact function offers unparalleled versatility and precision, setting it apart as a crucial addition to the arsenal of any serious tactical equipment enthusiast.


Curious how it works? It's as straightforward as it gets. Unscrew the base, insert a .209 primer into each slot, and reassemble. The base offers eight clearly marked positions: SAFE, followed by 1 to 7.


To set it off, a simple twist of the base, transitioning from SAFE to 1, and place the grenade where you want the action. It's that easy!


The Quake reliably activates when dropped onto a solid surface from approximately knee height, and it doesn't matter how it lands.


The Quake is not only efficient but also beautifully designed. At just 40mm in width and 460g in weight, it easily fits into most grenade pouches. It strikes the perfect balance between lightweight convenience and the sturdiness of a premium product.


Seize the moment and elevate your tactical game. Don't hesitate; acquire the Tectonic Innovations QUAKE 8-way Impact Grenade today and experience the epitome of precision in your strategic endeavors. Your arsenal deserves nothing less.

Tectonic Innovations QUAKE 8 way Impact Grenade (QU8KE) Airsoft From:

  • Note – this Tectonic Quake Impact Grenade (BFG) will not be shipped with any blanks, primers or other ammunition. It will be marked as “Inert Spring Powered Training Tool” on international shipments, and “Inert” on domestic parcels.