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Tactical Leg Holster

Using a leg holster to carry your sidearm is both practical and comfortable. The Viper Tactical Leg Holster is packed with features allowing you to fully use it in your loadout. Using hook and look adjustable straps on top of the holster you can adapt it to fit most of the small to medium popular pistol brands.


The holster can be fitted using two adjustable, wraparound leg straps and a belt strap with quick release buckle and hook and loop size adjustment. If needed the belt strap can be removed. On the front of the holster we added a pouch that can be used to carry one additional pistol magazine or small utilities including lightsticks or a small torch.


The pouch height can be adjusted using the removable hook and loop closure. The Viper Tactical Leg Holster is perfect for military enthusiasts, army and police forces as well as airsoft and paintball players.

Tactical Leg Holster