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PARRA 5313 Rhino Waterproof Hard Case

PARRA 5313 Rhino Waterproof Hard Case has been designed with meticulous attention to detail, this heavy-duty case stands out for its exceptional features, ensuring the utmost protection for your tactical Airsoft, Paintball and Hunting gear during transport or storage.


It can securely hold a large rifle, magazines, and a pistol, or up to two compact CQB ARs. The case incorporates advanced safety features, making it an ideal choice for the most demanding conditions.


Key Features:
Exterior Dimensions:118.9 x 40.5 x 16.0 cm
Interior Dimensions:113.8 x 35.1 x 13.3 cm
Lid Depth | Base Depth:4.0 cm | 9.3 cm
Weight (empty):8.7 kg
Capacity:53.13 l


Advanced Features:
1. **Injection Moulded for Durability:** Crafted using precision injection molding for enhanced strength and durability.
2. **IP67 Water/ Dust Protection:** Provides reliable protection against water and dust, ensuring the integrity of your gear.
3. **Shockproof:** Designed to withstand shocks and impacts, keeping your equipment safe from accidental drops or rough handling.
4. **Crushproof:** Withstands crushing forces, ensuring the structural integrity of the case.
5. **Anti-Corrosive:** Resistant to corrosion, extending the life of the case and its contents.
6. **Chemical Resistant:** Guards against damage from various chemicals, enhancing its suitability for diverse environments.
7. **Pressure Relief Valve (Flight Approved):** Allows for pressure equalization during flights, complying with aviation standards.
8. **Stackable Design:** Facilitates easy storage and organization by allowing multiple cases to be stacked securely.
9. **Padlock Eyelets – (x4 8 mm Ø):** Enhances security by accommodating padlocks to restrict access to the case.
10. **Compression Latches (x4):** Securely fastens the case, ensuring a tight seal for added protection.
11. **Lid Stay Design:** Allows the lid to stay securely open, providing convenient access to your gear without the risk of accidental closure.


With its comprehensive set of features, this case not only ensures the safety of your tactical equipment but also offers convenience and versatility for your storage and transportation needs.


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PARRA 5313 Rhino Waterproof Hard Case

  • Exterior - 118.9 x 40.5 x 16.0 cm
    Interior - 113.8 x 35.1 x 13.3 cm
    Lid | Base - 4.0 cm | 9.3 cm
    Weight (empty) - 8.7 kg
    Capacity - 53.13 l

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