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Nuprol Fast Railed SF Air Helmet

Presenting the Nuprol Fast Railed SF Air Helmet,  crafted from robust Polypropylene and internally cushioned with thick sponge padding for superior comfort. The helmet's textured surface ensures low reflectivity, keeping you discreet as you navigate the Airsoft, MilSim or Paintball field.


Tailored for the discerning airsoft enthusiast, this helmet is well-equipped for tactical missions. It features a forward mount for Cameras and NVGs, along with side rails for additional accessories, making it a versatile companion for your Airsoft, Milsim or Paintball activities.


The functional side rails also include 'buckle holes,' compatible with face protection accessories. Internally, a deep-cut band at the top accommodates various communication headsets, enhancing communication capabilities during intense scenarios.


Ventilation is a priority, with angled 'air holes' at the top ensuring optimal airflow even on warm days. Customization is at your fingertips, thanks to numerous Velcro strips on the exterior, allowing you to proudly display your identity with a variety of Airsoft Patches.


Elevate your airsoft experience with a helmet that seamlessly combines durability, comfort, and tactical versatility. Navigate the field with confidence while expressing your unique style.

Nuprol Fast Railed SF Air Helmet

PriceFrom £68.00