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Unleash the power and precision of the G&G ARP 9, a top-rated SMG platform perfect for dominating the airsoft battlefield. Equipped with a full-length 20mm Flat Top with M-LOK Handguard and the unmistakable GOS-V5 Stock, this replica is designed for maximum performance and comfort.


With a fantastic fire rate, the G&G ARP 9 is the ultimate choice for close-quarters combat, and we suggest you GO LARGE with the 1500R ARP9 Drum Magazine for extended playtime without reloading.


Whether you're skirmishing in tight spaces or taking on long-range targets, the G&G ARP 9 will give you the competitive edge you need to conquer the field. Order yours today and experience the thrill of owning one of the best airsoft replicas on the market.


  • Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006

    By adding this product to your basket, you are confirming that you will be using this product for airsoft purposes only, and you must also provide proof of Airsoft Defence such as British Airsoft Club (BAC) or a UKARA membership when ordering.  Please complete the form which can be located on the HOME SCREEN HERE

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